Bikes for all levels of Rider Abilities

At A2B Motorcycle Training we believe the student having invested his trust and financial commitment to our training deserves to ride a quality motor cycle.

We invest in new machinery that you would be proud to own and do not promote any training on visually dated and neglected machines as is so often seen within so many training schools.

Kawasaki Z400

New to our fleet specifically for the A2 client.

The perfect A2 middle weight bike, powered by a responsive 33Kw engine complete with assist & slipper clutch.

The Z400 benefits from light predictable handling, low weight & anti lock brakes making it the perfect A2 training bike.

We also have lowered options for the smaller rider.

Suitable for: Restricted License A2 Restricted License

Yamaha XJ6

These bikes are ideal for advanced and direct access training.

This naked bike has serious attitude with a 75bhp (56kw) 600cc provides good power and plenty of acceleration.

The chassis provides precise handling and the twin front disc brakes reassuring stopping power.

The XJ6 Yamaha will help you develop confidence and improve your bike riding skills.

Kawasaki Z650

This bike must have been designed & built with the first time rider in mind.

Superbly balanced, great performance & style in a compact & slim package. Good easily managed power, Anti Lock braking & confidence inspiring handling.

We also have lowered seat options for the smaller rider.

Yamaha YBR 125

A small motorbike with a lot of character, 5 gears, light weight, easily managed. The ideal learner bike for completing CBT and the A1 licence.

Suitable for: CBT CBT  Restricted License A1 Restricted License

Mopeds & Scooters

We run Honda, Kymco, Peugeot 125cc auto scooters & 50cc auto mopeds, all great little user-friendly bikes. Easy to ride with no gears or clutch to worry about. Perfect as 50cc for 16-year olds CBT and an ideal introduction for a first training session on a motorbike.

Suitable for: CBT CBT  Restricted License A1 Restricted License

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