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Motorcycle Skill Development Training

If you want to develop specific elements of your riding, or are simply looking for a riding health check, then our knowledge, skills, and expertise can help you improve your performance and get more from your bike.

A session with one of our instructors, involving a variety of riding environments will help you improve those specific aspects, or generally contribute to you all round riding skills.

We will tailor the session to match your specific elements and will no doubt include

> Reading the road
> Planning ahead for hazards and junctions 
> Improving vision through correct road positioning
> Correct use of brakes, gears and throttle
> Correct techniques for cornering
> Safe overtaking other road users

The training could lead to a certificate with the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)


A2B Skill Development Training Courses

Our training courses are available seven days a week. To discuss your specific requirements give us a call.

If you do not have your own motorcycle, do not worry. We have a fleet of well-maintained bikes for hire, both automatic and manual.

Additional information

Additional information about the Enhanced Rider Scheme can be found here

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