A2B Motorcycle Training - Courses

Restricted Licence Training (A2 Test / YBR125)

The restricted licence is aimed mainly at those who want a full motorcycle licence, but do not intend riding too powerful a motorbike in the immediate future. It is also the only licence that can be gained by those aged seventeen to twenty inclusive.

You must complete CBT, a motorcycle theory test and take a practical test. You can take CBT, further training and the practical test all as part of an intensive course.

The Restricted Licence comes in two styles, 'A1' and 'A2'. The 'A1' licence will limit you to 125cc forever unless you take another test and the 'A2' licence will have a two-year power restriction (to 33 b.h.p.). Once the two-year period is up, you can then ride any size bike that you want without restriction.

A2B restricted Licence Training Courses

Our training courses are available by prior arrangement 7 days a week (in the summer months we run Evening sessions too), if you prefer to run your Training over weekends remember that you test dates will be midweek, alternatively book some time off and train with us during the week.

Feel free to contact us to discuss and plan your specific requirements.

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