Changes to the module one motorcycle test - 16th May 2011

As part of a review and DSA’s ongoing monitoring and review process of all tests, a number of minor changes have recently been introduced. Essentially the changes introduce new speed tolerance levels associated with emergency stops which, on the whole, we believe is beneficial to the test candidate.

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The Third European Driving Licence Directive (3DLD)

If you're looking for an incentive to take your Direct Access training - this is it! Expected in 2013, the Third European Directive or ‘3DLD’ will see major changes to the training and testing procedures for candidates looking to gain a full motorcycle licence.  

Originally outlined in 2006, it will see candidates under the age of 24 complete several stages of training and testing in order to obtain a full category ‘A’ licence and whilst the ‘Direct Access Scheme’ (DAS) will remain, the age limit will rise from 21 to 24 with mopeds remaining accessible to 16 year olds and 51-125cc PTWs to 17 year olds.

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